Cascadia Convergence

Experience Being Love

June 29 – July 1

Cascadia Convergence is an annual bioregional gathering of Cascadians. Like Cascadia, Convergence means many things to many people. A weekend getaway from the rushed city life, an opportunity to connect with old friends, with this abundant land we call home, to create, to breathe. And to others, it’s a chance to build and connect the bioregional movement of Cascadia.

Whatever your interest in Cascadia, you’ll find a piece of it at Convergence. Art, music, camping, connection. Workshops on sustainability, art, dismantling white supremacy, NV communication, discussions on the property itself, the bioregional movement, moving forward. A vast array of fun, educational, inspiring, and challenging branches.

After many locations and name incarnations, Cascadia Convergence has found its permanent home on a 93 acre farm in Brooklyn, WA. This will be the debut event at this property and a portion of Convergence will be discussing how to reforest, protect, and create a sustainable infrastructure on the land, along with how to evolve and expand Convergence itself. The  property has two barns, open pasture, a river, old growth forest, and lots of potential for onsite learning.

This years Convergence has been organized by the Seattle Chapter of CascadiaNow! Which seeks to expand the art-filled event with like-minded organizations and groups while focusing on organizing around bioregionalism. A particular focus is restarting the bioregional congress which was last hosted in Cascadia in 1986.

A challenge taken on by the chapter is making this a waste-free event. Your own personal dishes/silverware/cloth napkin set is encouraged with bulk food donations! A volunteer kitchen staff will prepare three communal meals daily.

If you’re interested in camping, participating, or volunteering head to for more info and registration.