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About the Cascadian Cooperative!

The Cascadian Bioregion stretches from SE Alaska to Northern California, everywhere the Salmon goes and Falling water flows, from the Continental Divide to the Pacific Ocean. Increasingly, people across this bioregion work for a sustainable future, and federate together in solidarity in order to create larger coalitions. People on both sides of the federal national borders of Canada and the United States find themselves working together more often, and the attitudes and regulations of the two nation-states that claim sovereignty over this region which itself is composed of complex networks of pre-existing sovereignty from Indigenous and First Nations peoples, stand in the way of letting people work together to make a more liveable future and protect the ecosystems of Cascadia. Furthermore, the rush toward resource development that excites economic elites on the eastern side of the North American continent is often antithetical to the ethos and practices of sustainability that motivate people in the Cascadian Bioregion. Over the last few years, a number of groups have adopted the term “Cascadia Free Press’ to highlight their media creation in this light of regional solidarity. In 2018 a collaborative group met in Seattle, Washington, composed of people from a variety of Native nations, and from within the current states of Washington, Oregon, Montana, Northern California, Alaska, and British Columbia, and evaluated the media solidarity networks and their state of connection, funding, and survivability. A decision was reached to form a Cooperative, in fact a “multi-stakeholder” cooperative, inspired by our allies in Quebec and the Basque Country, that will allow all of us to share and build a strong, post-capitalist cooperative media alliance in the region known by many names, including the Pacific Northwest, or Cascadia. and indeed by many Indigenous names, in the Northwestern section of the continent of North America (or Turtle Island, as some poets have called it since the 1970s).  This Cooperative, is now known and formed, since June 2018, as the “Therefore, as of June 8, 2018, we are publishing a weekly digital newspaper, “The Cascadian: A Free Press for News and Views throughout the Bioregion.” Our cooperative is called Cascadian Computing & Communications Cooperative”, or CC4, and is a founding economic member of the Cascadian Cooperative Federation (CCF). We welcome all contributions from bioregional activists and people makingbusiness and culture in the spirit and practice of long-term sustainability in the Cascadia bioregion and its many ecoregions. If you want to learn more about the practice of building multi-stakeholder cooperatives, you can learn about them from several sources, including these links:



We are in the process of building a process for uniting and distributing work in this media and computing infrastructure cooperative throughout the bioregion. If you have compatible goals and operate a blog or internet resource that in resonance with our values, please understand that we started this cooperative in order to connect all of us in solidarity and build cohesion and economic protection for our mutual efforts, from Alaska all the way to Northern California. We are post-capitalist, and do not tolerate hate speech or hateful behavior, and are composed of over three dozen people, so far, from many parts of the region. We must reserve the term “Cascadia”, when applied in such a broad fashion to this entire region, to platforms that encourage and support journalism and media production from the entire region, not simply the Salish Sea or the urban regions west of the Cascade Mountains. That is why we started the Cooperative, after we asked allies from Montreal, Quebec and Bilbao, from the Euskadi Autonomous Region, to advise us, since they have more experience in building these types of larger Cooperative organizations.

We also operate an advertising network, by invitation only, at this time, and all revenues from this network go to support the Cooperative, subject to the consensus process of the members of the Cooperative. Both individuals, collectives, social enterprises, companies, and non-profit organizations are welcome to apply for membership and join this larger effort. You can email cascadiacooperative (at) techpraxis.net for more details. We stand for the liberation of media in this bioregion: we call all “Cascadian” media efforts to be inclusive of a wide number of peoples, species, and ecosystems.This newspaper and its associated news services and media production efforts are dedicated not only to the rights that humans think they have, but to the spirit and practice of bioregionalism: the idea and practice that a wide variety of beings other than human deserve to be present during decisions. We ask that all contributors and members spend significant time helping each other, as they are able, and also to assist the growth of natural ecosystems, and this is a critieria, we believe, for any group to continue to cooperate as a “Free Press” in Cascadia.

— Forrest Hawethorne and Roady Dragonfae, current Managing Directors of the Cascadian Computing and Communications Cooperative and The Cascadian Free Press.